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Ashleigh Yule, Ph.D.


Dr. Ashleigh Yule (she/she/her) is a child and adolescent psychologist specializing in transgender health and neurodiversity. Ashleigh provides psychotherapy, assessment and consultation services using a transaffirmative approach to children, adolescents and their families. She works in private practice in Calgary and as a visiting professional in remote and rural Alberta.

In addition to her work in transgender health, Ashleigh has 20 years of experience in autism assessment, treatment and research. She is a part-time lecturer in the Educational Studies in School Psychology program at the University of Calgary and has completed her PhD in the Autism Spectrum Research, Education, and Training (ASERT) lab at the University of Calgary.

Ashleigh’s dissertation research focused on bringing forward the experiences and perspectives of transgender people with autism to ensure that medical, mental health, and research approaches amplify the voices of those who live these realities and have the expertise that their lived experience provides. She maintains an ongoing commitment to the trans and autistic communities.