Live webinar February 23rd & March 1st – Detransition: Supporting uncertainty, discontinuation and regret throughout the gender affirmation journey


Personalized consultation services for organizations.

We have the expertise to quickly identify your organization’s needs and create a customized plan to achieve your goals.

For any requests pertaining to evaluations or therapeutic support, please consult the list of trans affirmative providers.

Here are some of the cases for which our consulting services could be beneficial:


  • I am a high school principal. Many students experience transphobic and transmisogynous harassment and bullying. How can we change the school culture?
  • Our elementary school has just learned that a student who was assigned male at birth will begin attending school as a girl. How can we manage the situation with the other children? With the other parents?
  • The school board administration and senior staff would like to know our legal responsibilities rwith regards to reducing transphobia in our schools.

Specialized resources

  • I work in an addiction treatment center and we want to improve on welcoming trans and nonbinary individuals who wishes to use our services.” Could you help us properly identify our needs and establish an action plan?
  • I work at a youth center which evaluates trans and nonbinary people, either alone or as a couple, who want to become foster or adoptive parents. We would like help to ensure that all of our professionals feel comfortable and know how to ask the right questions.
  • I work in a women’s shelter and we were recently approached by a very “masculine” appearing transgender woman who is in need of our services. We need help to to respond appropriately to this person’s request.
  • Our Christian congregation would like to be more inclusive towards transgender people. Some members are fiercely opposed to it. Could you facilitate a discussion within our group on this topic?


  • We want to ensure a smooth transition for a nonbinary employee. How should we proceed?
  • I work in the human resources department of a company. We have just learned that an employee who was assigned male at birth but identifies as a cisgender man, intends to come to work dressed as a female. What are our rights and responsibilities towards this employee? Towards other employees? How do we ensure a safe and peaceful work environment for our all of teams?
  • One of our employees refuses to work in the same team as a trans employee, as it conflicts with her religious and moral values. How can this issue be resolved in the best possible way for both parties?

Legal environment

  • Our lawyers would like to be better equipped to understand the issues facing children whose parents are transitioning.
  • I am a lawyer representing a transgender woman whose ex-spouse is denying her access to their children out of fear that her transition will have a negative impact on their development and harm them. Is there any research in this field that I could use in court to support my client’s position?
  • I am a court-appointed expert psychologist tasked with evaluating a family in conflict regarding the behavior of their 6-year-old son, who prefers clothing and toys typically associated with girls. The parents are separated. The father accuses his ex-partner of forcing their son to play with girl toys. How can we properly assess this situation and the best interests of the child?