Our mission

The Institute for Trans Health is dedicated to improving gender-affirming care and services for trans, nonbinary and gender diverse people and their families.

Working from an intersectional framework, we are committed to challenging and dismantling systemic barriers to ensure full access and participation for trans and nonbinary people at all levels of society. The Institute is a center of expertise in trans health. It is a gathering place for staying up-to-date in a rapidly evolving field, driven by both clinical and scientific advancements, as well as priorities emerging from the communities involved.

Teenager and his mother

An affirmative approach to gender begins with an understanding of the following points:

  • Gender diversity is a natural part of human diversity and history.
  • Gender identity can be fixed or fluid.
  • Only the individual can know their gender identity and determine their needs regarding transition.
  • A person's gender identity may be known at an early age or discovered through years of exploration.
  • Medical means of gender affirmation can help bring a person closer to the authentic expression of their gender identity or may serve as a legitimate means of exploring their gender identity and gender expression.
  • A world that recognizes the plurality of genders benefits all of society.

Inclusive language

Our evolving, inclusive, nonbinary, or gender-neutral language reflects our commitment to acknowledging the realities associated with gender diversity.

A little history

In 2011, Françoise Susset and her colleague Bill Ryan founded the Institute for Sexual Minority Health (lSMH) to bring their professional activities (consultation, supervision, training) under one banner.

In recent years, the requests for services have been exclusively in the area of trans health. Recognizing the important work that remains to be done to ensure that trans, nonbinary, gender diverse communities have access to various social spheres and institutions, we decided to transform the name and mission of the Institute to reflect our commitment to these communities. Thus, we became the Institute for Trans Health.

Change of logo