List of trans-affirmative providers

The Institute is not a regulatory body and cannot be held responsible for the quality of services rendered or the accuracy of information provided by the healthcare provider. Those seeking services should ask for and be provided with any additional information necessary to make an informed decision.

This reference list aims to select healthcare professionals by region or field of practice who are sensitive, informed, and affirming towards the needs of transgender and non-binary individuals. At a minimum, all healthcare professionals who have registered have indicated their adherence to the latest Standards of Care of WPATH and are authorized to practice in the specified geographic area.

Furthermore, according to most professional code of ethics in the healthcare professions, all professionals have a duty to stay updated.

The list is available as an Excel document. You must first download the file and then you can select and reorder the information based on what you are looking for (geographic area, populations served, letter provider, etc.).

** Last updated: May 14th, 2024 **

Are you a health care professional?

We encourage all health professionals with a trans-affirmative practice in Quebec (or in Canada) to join the list.