The Institute for Trans Health provides training, consultation, and clinical supervision for professionals who support transgender, nonbinary, and gender diverse children, youth, and adults in the context of healthcare, social services, human resources, and education sectors.

Courses tailored to your field of interest

  • Mental Health

    Courses for professionals in mental health, social work, sexology and other fields who want to improve services for trans, nonbinary and gender diverse children, youth, adults, and their families.

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  • Education

    Courses for teachers, school administrators and staff working with trans, nonbinary and gender creative students, who want to create environments that are welcoming of gender diversity. Currently only available in French.

  • Human resources

    Course for human resource professionals, managers and EAPs who support employees in transition and want to create gender-inclusive environments.

  • Medical

    Courses for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other professionals who want to improve access and better meet the needs of trans, nonbinary and gender diverse people. Currently only available in French.

“Working in the public health sector (CISSS), this training made me think a lot about access to services and to see the relevance of developing pathways to better meet the needs of transgender and non-binary people.”

Training ” Towards a global approach…”

“Françoise is able to deliver a great deal of challenging information in an accessible and personal way. She’s very energetic and communicates the content clearly.”

Training ” Towards a global approach…”

“I loved the training! The content was enriching and diverse. I liked the different modalities (e.g., sharing clinical and research knowledge, role playing, speakers). Really interesting! As I am just starting my trans health training, this really motivates me to further my continuing education in this area.”

Training ” Towards a global approach…”

“Excellent trainer who offers us a comprehensive understanding of transgender people, integrating history, anthropology, sociology, as well as clinical and psychosocial approaches.”

Training “Welcoming in a school environment…”

“The trainers and speakers are passionate about the subject and this comes across in the sharing of the content. I gained a lot of knowledge and you were all very interesting to listen to.

Training “Intervention in schools…”

“As a school staff member, to become knowledgeable in the gender affirmation process is very helpful. I feel like the families or students I work with will need to explain themselves less which will hopefully reduce their stress.”

training “Intervention in the school environment…”

“The training gave me a better understanding of what is meant by a trans-affirming approach that I previously thought of as a somewhat careless approach.”

“Clear, lively, sensitive, reassuring approach.”

Medical training – France

“Francoise is capable of delivering a large amount of information, much of it challenging, in a way that is accessible and personal. She also has great energy and clarity and is sensitive to the needs of participants.”

Towards a Collaborative Model for Transgender Health — Montreal, QC

I did not expect to walk away having resolved my conflictual thinking around really wanting to respect a person’s wish to transition and my now old belief that there is a core psychological explanation for gender dysphoria. Education is key to letting go of strongly held beliefs.

Towards a Collaborative Model for Transgender Health — Fredericton, NB

We are a team of highly qualified cisgender, transgender, nonbinary and gender diverse trainers, committed to the goal of increasing access and supporting full inclusion of trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse individuals at all levels of society.

Meet the team
Françoise Susset

Françoise Susset, D. Ps.
Psychologist & Director of the Institute