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Emilie Potts

Émilie Potts, B.Sc.Inf

Clinical Nurse

Émilie Potts graduated as a nurse in France in 2009 and moved to Quebec the following year where she practiced in various care settings. In 2013, she began working at the Metropolitan Surgical Center as an evening nurse on the ward and in the recovery room as a substitute when needed. She was fortunate to start as a pre-op clinic nurse when the clinic opened in 2015. Émilie first worked as a pre-op and post-op nurse, then specialized in pre-op follow-ups when the needs increased, requiring the addition of new team members. Since then she has held a team leader position and is now a clinical consultant, director of the pre/post-op clinic and organizational development. Émilie is in constant contact with external professionals and acts as a link between them and the various teams.