Live webinar February 23rd & March 1st – Detransition: Supporting uncertainty, discontinuation and regret throughout the gender affirmation journey

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Javier Fuentes Bernal

Javi Fuentes Bernal, D.E.S., MSW

Social worker

Javi (they, mixed pronouns) is a social worker, anthropologist and community organizer. Holder of a Master’s degree in Social Work, they work as a consultant in gender, migration, and mental health. Javi is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Social Work at the University de Montréal and they are a member of the board of directors of AGIR (Action LGBTQI+ Migrants and Refugee Support in Montreal). Until recently, Javi worked as a SW and was responsible for the clinical coordination of the Clinique Mauve, a clinic specializing in psychosocial care and support for migrant TLGBQ+ people. Their research interests focus on community-based approaches to mental health for migrant trans and nonbinary individuals.

Javi has clinical experience in mental health with queer and trans adults in relation to diverse relationship structures and polyamory, internalized homo-bi-transphobia, grief, mood disorders and trauma. They also provide support related to transition, including letters for hormone therapy and gender affirmation surgeries, based on a non-pathologizing approach.