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Marie De La Cheneliere

Marie de la Chenelière

Experienced expert

Marie de la Chenelière (she, her) is a 67-year-old transgender woman with a master’s degree in clinical psychology (Université de Clermont-Ferrand) and retired from the hospital civil service. She now works as a freelance consultant and speaker on transgender health. She has been a trainer at IST since 2019. Marie works as a volunteer at the Maison Médicale Moulin in Lille, France as a peer specialist, providing support to individuals questioning their gender or going through transition. She trains the staff at the 59G21 mental health center in the Lille region, to help them welcome transgender people respectfully and leads a wellness workshop “Gender identity: feeling male or female?” For the past 4 years, she has been involved with AFERTES (Association for Training, Experimentation and Research in Educational and Social Work) on the theme of Gender, Sexuality and Social Work.

Diplomas and training

2018: Marie completed the Institute’s “Toward a Collaborative Model for Transgender Health” training course;

2013-2015: Focusing (Belgium) – 150 hours of theoretical and experiential training in Person-Centered intervention;

2010-2015: IFRDP Certificate in Person-Centered Counseling (Carl Rogers); 1050 hours of training over 4.5 years.

1989: C.A.F.D.E.S., option C.A.T. (National School of Public Health).

1977: Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology (University of Clermont-Ferrand).


De patient à chercheur : parcours d’empowerment autour de la transidentité (From Patient to Researcher: Empowerment Journeys in Transgender Identity) – December 2018 – in  L’information Psychiatrique.
Why and How to Support Depsychiatrisation of Adult Transidentity in ICD-11: A French Study – April 10, 2019 – in European Psychiatry.


Inter-University Diploma in Mental Health 2015 – Mental Health in the Community – Classifying without Stigmatizing.
Inter-University Diploma in Mental Health 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 – Mental Health in the Community – Stakeholder Involvement in the ICD 11 Revision.
Depsychiatrization of Trans Identity – Everyone’s Involvement. Congrès National des Internes de Psychiatrie, Lille, France, October 18-19, 2018.
The revision of the WHO ICD 11: Gender Diversity (transidentity, etc.) as an example of participatory research contributing to the transformation of non-stigmatizing scholarly and social representations, 5th International Meeting of the CCOMS, Lille (France), 29-30 March 2018


Trans c’est mon genre – documentary by Éric Guéret for the program Infra Rouge on France 2
Participated in the show “la soirée continue” on November 20, 2017.