Live webinar February 23rd & March 1st – Detransition: Supporting uncertainty, discontinuation and regret throughout the gender affirmation journey

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Maxime Faddoul

Maxime Faddoul, M.S.W.

Social worker

Maxime Faddoul (he, him) works as the coordinator of emerging projects at the Coalition des groupes jeunesse LGBTQ+, in particular the project “Jeunes LGBTQ2S+ en situation de précarité” (“LGBTQ2S+ youth in precarious situations”). He is actively involved in the trans community, particularly with the organization Euphorie dans le genre (Gender Euphoria) – Trans Pride.

He holds a master’s degree in social work with a concentration in feminist studies focusing on intervention practices implemented by professionals working with transgender individuals. In the academic field, he served as the coordinator of the research project Au-delà des apparences : une enquête intersectionnelle sur la diversité de l’expérience des jeunes trans (“Beyond Appearances: An Intersectional Inquiry into the Diversity of Trans Youth Experiences”). He has also been involved in several initiatives to create counter-knowledge spaces within the academic environment as a transgender student and precarious worker. For the past few years, he has been developing trans-affirmative training for health and social service providers.