Detransition: Supporting uncertainty, discontinuation and regret throughout the gender affirmation journey


February 23rd & March 1st, 2024 – 1pm to 4:30pm*

Accredited, live webinar: This live webinar is focused on skill development for clinicians working with trans, nonbinary and gender diverse individuals questioning their transition or wishing to detransition.

*Montreal time

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  • Available on demand in the spring of 2024


Who should attend this webinar?

Health and social services professionals working in trans health. This is an intermediate level training course geared to participants who possess some clinical experience in the field and a general knowledge of trans health issues.


Much has been made in the popular press of individuals who detransition. Those reports are often profoundly biased and filled with erroneous information and assumptions; instead of adding to our understanding they unnecessarily confuse and alarm. This course is designed for trans-knowledgeable clinicians who work with individuals considering a reversal of their transition. The course will draw on clinical experience of the presenters as well as the experience of some who have experienced detransition. We will share information based on the most up-to-date research. The overarching goal is to increase clinicians’ knowledge base, clinical skills and confidence in supporting individuals questioning, reversing or regretting their transition.


  • Develop an understanding of the diversity of experiences subsumed under the term “detransition”
  • Broaden current gender affirming and informed consent approaches to include the experiences of individuals considering a detransition process
  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between mental health challenges and detransition risk
  • Adapt our practice to best support individuals questioning, reversing or regretting their transition.
  • Become familiar with medical protocols for reducing or ceasing hormone treatments


  • Detransition as an umbrella term
    • Emerging concepts
    • Challenging erroneous and politicized narratives
  • Exploring current research
    • Summary of the data
    • A critical perspective on current studies and publications
    • Challenges in detrans research
  • Lived experiences: Voices of those who detransition
  • Gender fluidity: rethinking our gender paradigm
    • Review notions surrounding the permanence of identity and gender affirmation needs
    • Change over time: The issues of temporality
  • Mental health challenges and detransition
    • Developmental and psychological issues
    • Psychosocial factors.
    • Breaking isolation: Finding community
  • Developing an Inclusive practice: Revisiting our clinical protocols
    • Gender-affirmation
    • Informed consent
  • Medical protocols for hormone suspension or cessation

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